A Feline Exclusive Salon & Studio

We are anything but a typical salon & studio, and it's not because we only cater to cats.  We are cat grooming specialists who tailor our care to support many aspects of your cat's well-being.  Our groomer is a Certified Feline Master Groomer, a trained photographer, and a Reiki Practitioner.  All cats are groomed and photographed on their time based upon their comfort and stress levels.  We never rush cats through a grooming or photography session.  Breaks are given as needed and every cat receives Reiki prior to and during their session to help comfort and calm nerves.  Experience for yourself why C'Attitude Studios is unparalleled in quality and care.

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Cat-Only Grooming Specialists:  Cats finally have a salon dedicated to their unique grooming needs.  At C'Attitude Studios, we aspire to be a class-act facility meeting the feline needs of the northern Pittsburgh area.  We feature the best products and services for the cats in your life.  Because cats are now the number one owned pet in America, they are long overdue for services tailored to their needs and owner desires.  No cat should ever have to live matted, smelly, greasy, flea infested, or plagued by a skin affliction caused by improper skin and coat care.  Many people believe cats do not need bathed and that a good brushing out from time to time is sufficient.  Despite common belief, cats are not capable of managing all of their grooming needs.  They often need our help.  Society has lead us to believe otherwise and many people still laugh at the idea of taking a cat to a groomer.   At C'Attitude Studios, it is our mission to help educate the public about proper coat and skin care and why grooming can significantly improve your cats' life.  They look better, they smell better, and they feel better.  You may experience such dramatic results that you won't believe we are sending the same cat home with you!  Many customers who have sought out the services of a Certified Feline Master Groomer have also said that their cats' attitude and personality noticeably improved after receiving a proper grooming.  If you've taken your cat to a groomer before, see how our Certified Feline Master Groomer measures up.  And don't forget to get your cat photographed after the groom!  Your cat will be worthy of a show ribbon regardless of whether it is a pedigreed cat or not.  We believe you'll find our philosophies, products, facilities and services all to be superb.

Reiki Treatments: We have added Reiki services for all of our cat clients at no extra charge.  Every cat receives Reiki prior to their appointment and throughout the grooming process.  Because cats often have difficulty adjusting to change and can easily become stressed, Reiki is an excellent tool to help calm and relax cats.  Reiki treatments are also available for people and other animals.  However, because we are feline exclusive, only cats and people can be treated at C'Attitude Studios.

Harmony, Pennsylvania

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